Free Lessons Learned Template

It is not important that you call it a Lessons Learned or a Postmortem. What is important is you learn from your mistakes. At the end of every iteration or project, you should identify everything that went wrong or could have gone better. Articulate them in a document. At the beginning of each new iteration or project, review the document and see not only what was learned but what has been implemented. Feel free to download my free Lessons Learned [Template]

About Derek Huether

I'm an Enterprise Agile Coach at LeadingAgile. I have a goal to take the hand waving out of Agile, Kanban, & Scrum. I’m a strange combination of a little OCD, a little ADHD, a lot of grit, and a lot of drive. I come from a traditional PM background but I don't give points for stuff done behind the scenes. The only thing that counts is what you get done and delivered. Author of Zombie Project Management (available on Amazon)