Value Stream for Business Travelers

The more I travel, the more I find myself observing how business travel (particularly flying) is a lot like application development. The flow of travelers (business value) are processed through a system much like ideas flow from inception to delivery.  When reviewing the processes of  the business traveler (delivery), I keep asking myself why the system has so much room for improvement and […]

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Agile on Non-Software Projects


Regardless of where I coach or teach, there is always someone who approaches me and says something like, “Agile is great for software projects but what about projects that aren’t software related?”  When asked the question, I usually give examples like a U.S. Marine fire team or air crew or a home construction site. (I’ll save those stories for another […]

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The Gemba Walk


As part of a recent engagement I went to assess and coach a group of Agile teams out in Iowa.  Each morning, we would arrive before the daily stand-ups.  Each morning we walked around, listened in on conversations and got updates from the teams.  We quietly studied their large team boards and then how they interacted with the boards and one another. I […]

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