Agile or Waterfall (Podcast)


Back in late 2010, I was features on the Talking Work podcast. Then in early 2011, I appeared at the WorkOut 2011 conference.  Because Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan were such gracious hosts each time, I couldn’t help but say yes when they recently asked me to make another appearance.  Hear what I have to say, when Ty asks me, “Which is […]

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The Forest Through the Trees


I’m coming down to the wire on the first installment of my Zombie Project Management book.  I look at my Kanban and all of the activities are one-by-one making it into the Done column.  It’s actually quite exciting! I think back to reading several of Seth Godin’s books and him writing “Pick a budget. Pick a ship date. Honor both. Don’t ignore […]

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Agile Traffic Analogy


The post today was brought to you by… my hellish commute and those in the Washington DC metropolitan area who help create it.  Thanks! Today, I’m going describe Agile concepts by using my commute as the analogy. Goal During any given day, spend as much time working or at home and as little time commuting as possible. I’ll write a User Story because I’m […]

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Outdated Success Criteria


I know this is going to probably get me some “hate” comments.  It seems like if I write about anything but a zombie, that’s what happens. But I do like to write about topics that make people stop and think. Think of this post a bridge between a historical project management and futuristic project management.  Let’s think about success in […]

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AgileLIVE Webinar Series

Waterfall Agile

Not seeing the productivity gains you expected?  Are you and your stakeholders losing confidence in your team’s ability to deliver?  Are you sure you are measuring the right things? VersionOne and their Moving Agile into the Mainstream webinar series provides proven techniques to help you and your team with the tough issues facing agile managers, scrum masters and product owners.  […]

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