Zombie Project Management Book

zombiePM cover 1 Many know me as the “Zombie” PM guy from The Critical Path blog. In a way to help others understand different scenarios within project management, I’ve used zombies as metaphors to help get points across. As a result, I will be publishing a series on the Amazon Kindle store.

Zombie Project Management is not your usual project management book. This is the world of project management from my perspective, where I’ve dealt with zombie projects, zombie stakeholders, and even zombie team members.

The first release in the series is titled “Team Motivation” and it’s coming out March 2011.

As Seth Godin once wrote

Go, give a speech. Go, start a blog. Go, ship that thing that you’ve been hiding. Begin, begin, begin and then improve. Being a novice is way overrated.

The Zombie PM website will also be coming out later this month (March 2011).  Until then, if you want Zombie tweets or updates on the book, just follow ZombiePM.

Thank you to Pictofigo for the cover art.  Need some original artwork?  Go check out Pictofigo!

About the Author

I'm an Enterprise Agile Coach at LeadingAgile. I have a goal to take the hand waving out of Agile, Kanban, & Scrum. I’m a strange combination of a little OCD, a little ADHD, a lot of grit, and a lot of drive. I come from a traditional PM background but I don't give points for stuff done behind the scenes. The only thing that counts is what you get done and delivered. Author of Zombie Project Management (available on Amazon)